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    Her house

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    Debbie Harry of Blondie, captured by guitarist and boyfriend Chris Stein in 1976 on the rooftop, during a break from recording their first album.

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    Gypsy Rose Lee on Flickr.

    Gypsy Rose Lee

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    Palm Springs, 1963

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    In the early 1940s, American film actress Veronica Lake changed her trademark peekaboo hairstyle to encourage women working in war industry factories to adopt more practical, safer hairstyles. Veronica Lake was a popular American film actress who enjoyed both popular and critical acclaim, especially for her femme fatale roles in film noir with Alan Ladd during the 1940s. A stray lock of her shoulder-length blonde hair during a publicity photo shoot led to her iconic hairstyle which hid one eye, and was widely imitated.

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    A tender moment between husband and wife at home, 1958. Photo by Allan Grant

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    Scott and Zelda’s rules for guests, circa 1922

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    I hate if when I’m taking a picture of my wife and suddenly Nicolas Cage

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    X-Men / X2 / X-Men The Last Stand / X-Men First Class / X-Men Days of Future Past

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    Carl telling us how (not) to science.

    "conclusion: dinosaurs" is still my favorite rebuttal to just about anything tbh.

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